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The Blades Grim Strop Conditioner

Designer: The Blades Grim


After many requests our inveterate strop-maker has concocted this strop conditioning paste specifically formulated to keep your American made strop (or any leather strop we sell for that matter) in good-as-new condition. Proper conditioning is an important step in extending the life of your leather razor strop. This lanolin-based soft creamy wax is just the thing to prevent your strop’s leather from drying out and will keep the leather soft supple and crack-free. Each 2 oz tub contains enough paste for at least 16 applications on our American made 3” by 17” strop.

Application: Using a clean 100% cotton cloth apply paste in a circular motion until entire face of the strop (including the edges) is coated. Allow fifteen minutes for the paste to condition the leather and then wipe off the excess paste with a different clean 100% cotton cloth. Paste is best applied warm as it will better penetrate the leather. As a rule of thumb this strop conditioner should be used every three months or as needed depending on your climate’s heat and humidity levels.

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