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Hart Steel Razors

Hart Steel is an American based company that is composed of talented artisans who make high quality USA-made straight edge razors for today’s modern gentleman. A Hart straight razor is more than just a shaving tool, but instead a beautiful work of talent and craftsmanship that is truly a work of art. Every part of these straight edge razors is created and assembled in the U.S.A, and designed from start to finish by one individual craftsman. A Hart Steel straight razor is a must own for any traditional shaver or shaving enthusiast.

A straight razor shave is the most exceptional way to shave, and will provide a close shave that slows the re-growth of hair. Whether a straight razor aficionado or a novice, USA Grooming has the best selection of straight edge razors guaranteed. When you purchase a Hart Steel straight razor from USA Grooming, you’re not only purchasing an American-made tool, but a tool that will surely last a lifetime. Happy shaving!

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