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The Blades Grim Razor Oil

Designer: The Blades Grim


Essential for maintaining your straight razor, dry and oil the blade and tang (especially near the pin) after every shave.

The Blades Grim Razor Oil is a sterile lubricant-protectant that is applied to all newly made razors and other instruments. Used worldwide to protect fine cutlery from rust and corrosion as well as to lubricate moving parts of surgical instruments because the oil is sterile, non-toxic and inert. It is ideal for long- or short-term storage. This razor oil is safe for use in close proximity to any synthetic or natural-handle materials and will not damage or stain. It does not dry or build-up on the blade or gum up joints. It can also be easily wiped off with a soft facial tissue.

The Blades Grim Razor Oil comes in a generous 2 oz. bottle with a blunt applicator tip.

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