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Feather MR3 Neo Cartridge Razor

Designer: Feather

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We kind of hate to admit it, but here's a cartridge razor we'd consider putting in our travel kits. Leave it to master Japanese blade manufacturer Feather to create a cartridge razor even the classic shavers can get behind. If you've ever used the surgical-grade Feather safety razor blades in your DE razors, you know the quality of a Feather blade's edge is second to none. Feather's version of the "Mach III" is its own unique (and vastly improved) take on the cheap disposables you're used to seeing at your local drugstore.

This is no ordinary cartridge razor. First of all it's built like a tank, weighing in at a solid 2 ounces of Japanese-engineered perfection. If you've ever used any Feather blades before, you'll know Feather blade edges are second to none in terms of being wickedly sharp. Then you start getting into the details of the cartridge head itself. At its base, a metal roller glides the head over your skin. Then dual rubberized green louvers press your whiskers down and away from your skin so the three blades can cut them at their bases. Finally, three Vitamin E / antibacterial strips begin the process of healing your skin from the 'shock' of the shave. Oh, and did we mention the 360 degree pivoting head that has a switch to give you the option of having it swivel freely or lock for greater control? Well, now you know. It even comes with a stand to keep your bathroom counter looking neat and to keep the razors edge protected. The razor comes with two MR3 NEO cartridges.

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